Feb 10, 2013

Annie is Six Months!

Wowzers.  I cannot believe it!
Annie is six months!  Eek.  Well she has been a few weeks now but...she is six months none the less!
Crazy.  I cannot believe how fast it is going.  She will be a year before I know it.
Getting to know Annie has been incredible.  Crazy and overwhelming at times but incredible.  Do all mama's feel that way?  Please tell me I'm not the only one with all the crazy emotions going on.  The roller coaster of feelings.
I bought those cute month stickers after Annie was born and have been awful at getting her pics in them.  I've taken pics of her each month to follow along as she changes but just the random here and there shots.  So sad too since I was so determined to keep up with it.
Well, for her six month shot I went all out and did something fun and with a vintage twist.  I wanted to capture the time she got her first tooth.  Starting crawling.  Yep, this girl is getting everywhere and she sure is a fast one!  The trouble has begun...

Oh yeah she's quite the drooler too!  Just LOVe this one!

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  1. Great pics Jen! She is adorable! Oh how time flys!


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!