Feb 11, 2013

Kiddie Pizza Pockets

Hey there!  Phew it's been a long week.  The Mr. was out of town so things were a little hectic at the bungalow.  I get overwhelmed easily (let's be real here) so just focused on the home front last week.
I've been wanting to share with you a fun and easy recipe.  My friend Katie made pizza pockets recently for a play date and the kids LOVed them.  Couldn't get enough!!!
 So me and the Bub set out to make them ourselves.  I'm not fond of being in the kitchen (The Mr. is the one who mainly cooks in our home) but I knew we could make this simple dish together.  Bub asked for it everyday 
until we did.
  Now I pinky swear this is super easy.  
All you need is:
-  One can of Pillsbury crescent rolls or the seamless dough sheet
-  One jar of marinara sauce
-  One package of pepperoni
-  One package of shredded mozzarella cheese
This made four good sized pockets.  Now we did not use all of everything only the dough.  Just go with the flow tho and use as much as you like.  That's what we did.
First we rolled out the dough and cut them into four long strips.  Bub was such a great roller and she honestly did most of getting them ready for the oven herself.
Add some sauce.  We did about two spoonfuls.  I noticed too much and the pockets did not close as easily and spewed out while baking.
Layer the cheese and pepperoni.
Fold and close the ends together.
Set the oven for 350 degrees and pop them in for about for 17 minutes.  I took them out when they were just starting to brown on the outside.
I'm telling you Bub LOVed them so much and was very proud of making them herself.  We had a great time making them together too!  Some special mama and daughter time.
Oh and she was very eager to give them a thumbs up when I asked how she liked them.  Couldn't get any better than that friends!
Ha!  LOVe this crazy girl of mine!

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  1. She is so cute! A little Top Chef in the making. :)

    I sometimes use the Pillsbury pizza dough for homemade pizzas but I kind of like the pockets idea. Makes for easy single servings.


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