Feb 18, 2013

LOVe My J.Crew Headband

One of my fav stores to shop at is J.Crew.  Seriously is there anyone who does not like The Crew?
During the holidays I bought myself their Tortoise Braided Headband.  I've not worn a headband since probably grade school but I just LOVed this one so much that I couldn't resist.  And during the holidays they were doing 30% off EVERYTHING (yeah I know it was insane and me and The Mr. practically got new wardrobes) so for sure couldn't resist!!!
I LOVe this thing and since getting my haircut I've worn it a gazillion times.  Can't get enough and I LOVe how it looks with my inverted bob.
 And when I tease up the bump I think it looks so fun and youthful (yeah cause I need to feel that these days...)
Now if you do flock on over to The Crew to get yourself one make sure to tell them I sent you.
Ha!  Maybe they'll send me a coupon or something nice!


  1. I just ran across your blog from Rustic Living and it's so adorable I can't get enough. I love me a good headband. That one is so cute and I love it's so versatile. It could be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or you can totally dress it up too. Plus, it looks great on your hair.

  2. Aww thanks Jane. Welcome and so glad you came by! Rustic Living is one of my fav's!


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