Feb 14, 2013

V Day

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!

Make sure you give lots of kisses to your LOVed ones today and enjoy the romance in the air...

This day is extra meaningful for me because it is when I started my life with my best friend.  14 years ago on V-Day I got a sweet note from The Mr. asking me if I would be his girlfriend.  There was a box to mark yes and another to make no {of course I marked yes...}.  As crazy as life gets The Mr. is my world and will always be my rock.  The one I can count on no mater what!  Even the times when I just can't stand being around him because he's driving me insane...{now don't get mad Mr. because you know you hate being around me sometimes too..}

I honestly feel me and The Mr. were meant to be.  We went to high school together and I swear to you did not talk once to each other.  We probably crossed paths a hundred times.  We definitely knew of each other and had a lot of the same friends.  To be honest, though, if we would of dated in high school we would never be where we are today.  Let's face it.  The Mr. was far too cool for me and I would of never made any lasting impression on him.

Our paths crossed again in college and we just could not stay apart from each other.  Thank god he remembered that social security number on the fake ID he used to hang out with me our first night hanging out!  Ha!  After finding one another we spent every lasting minute together and have made so many memories with each other ever since.

I love you Mr. and always will!

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