Mar 23, 2013

LOVing Polka Dots

All decked out in J. Crew.

LOVe.  LOVe.  LOVe.  Me some polka dots.

Sweater (J Crew - None Similar Available ), T Shirt (J Crew), Jeans (J Crew), Boots (Frye)

I've been buying some cute pieces to take to Napa with me.  This polka dot tee was one I just could not wait to wear!  It might be worn out before it even makes it to wine county. 

I'm thinking about heading over to the Crew this weekend.  I need to get me a cute mommy swimsuit and they have 25% off everything.  Yeah still not sure I feel up to wearing that bikini yet.  Been working out ( much as I can) but just don't got that feeling yet.  No "I gotta feeling" for me!

Got any good recommendations on a suit you just LOVe???  Help a momma out!

Mar 20, 2013

Mar 14, 2013

Some Sprucing Up!

Are you also feeling a bit off since we "sprung ahead"?  I've felt awful the past few mornings since losing that hour.  Sunday was the worst too.  Every time I looked at the darn clock I would think how it did not feel that time at all.  Thank god for coffee, tho.  Helps put some pep in my step.  Maybe this weekend I can try catching up on some zzz's and getting back on track.  Oh wait.  Maybe not.  It's St. Pat's and we got our fun neighborhood parade to go too!

So, last week I took a break from working on my flea market items to sell.  That's all my projects have been focused on lately.  My season starts in May so I need to get as much ready as I can.

To ease my mind, tho, I decided to spruce up a couple pieces of my own.  Add some new life to them.

 First item is a vase I bought ages ago from Pier 1.  Back after college that was my favorite place to get things from.  Now it's OK and I still go from time to time but PB is my place of choice.

My second item is a table trey I found at the thrift store last year.  Actually, my mom did.  I whizzed right past it and my mom pointed it out.  It helps to have others with you when scouring through the thrift stores because sometimes you just scan right over some great pieces.  This piece is right up my alley too so I was very happy she found it.  Fit in perfectly at my home.

Now there really is not a thing chalk paint doesn't look good on.

These two went from that to this.

I first started painting with Old White Chalk Paint.

The color you see on top is French Linen.  It's a grayish taupe color.  A very nice neutral.  I wanted the white to peak thru which is why I painted with that first.  With the wood also peaking thru I was really happy with how they both turned out.  Added some rustic shabby chic.
Looking at this last pic is a reminder that I need to start getting some spring decor up.  I see those winter branches staring right at me...
Better get to that!
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Mar 5, 2013

It's A Giveaway!

Hi Friends!
And a big, warm welcome to all you new friends coming on by from one of my fav blogs,
Story of My Life.
I LOVe reading everything Jenni has to say.  Her pics are also amazing not only when she is in them but also when taking them.  Here is one her mom took of her and her hubs for their holiday card.  And guess what they are holding?  One of my banners.  Whoop!

The best part, though, is that we share the same name.  On here I go by Jen, which is what most people call me these days.  But!  My closest friends and fam all know me as Jenni.  Yep another Jenni with an "I".
There is a little story behind my spelling.  So, when I was in third grade I hated the "Y" and wanted something different.  I announced to everyone that they were no longer to write my name with the "Y" and changed it to an "I".  Passing notes in class was a big thing in third grade.  Well, I wouldn't even open mine when they came to me with the "Jenny" spelling.  I'd send it back with the "Y" crossed out and the "I" written in.  From then on it stuck.  And today it still is Jenni with an "I".  

So, to the fun part.  Jenni from Story of My Life is hosting a $35 giveaway to my shop! 

Make sure you all stop on by there and do what you need to do to enter this fab giveaway.  

I cannot wait to see who wins!