Mar 5, 2013

It's A Giveaway!

Hi Friends!
And a big, warm welcome to all you new friends coming on by from one of my fav blogs,
Story of My Life.
I LOVe reading everything Jenni has to say.  Her pics are also amazing not only when she is in them but also when taking them.  Here is one her mom took of her and her hubs for their holiday card.  And guess what they are holding?  One of my banners.  Whoop!

The best part, though, is that we share the same name.  On here I go by Jen, which is what most people call me these days.  But!  My closest friends and fam all know me as Jenni.  Yep another Jenni with an "I".
There is a little story behind my spelling.  So, when I was in third grade I hated the "Y" and wanted something different.  I announced to everyone that they were no longer to write my name with the "Y" and changed it to an "I".  Passing notes in class was a big thing in third grade.  Well, I wouldn't even open mine when they came to me with the "Jenny" spelling.  I'd send it back with the "Y" crossed out and the "I" written in.  From then on it stuck.  And today it still is Jenni with an "I".  

So, to the fun part.  Jenni from Story of My Life is hosting a $35 giveaway to my shop! 

Make sure you all stop on by there and do what you need to do to enter this fab giveaway.  

I cannot wait to see who wins!


  1. Such a cute post, Jen!! Too funny, I changed mine from "y" to "i" in 7th grade, under similar circumstances! Hehe! Go us! Thanks so much for the sweet shout out. :)

  2. Us Jenni's are just too special! Ha!

  3. Visiting from SOML. Lovely shop and blog! I'm your newest follower (via Bloglovin'). :)


  4. I found you through Aunie Sauce, but I hopped over to Story of My Life to enter the giveaway! Your Etsy shop is very cute!

  5. Hello! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award.


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