Mar 23, 2013

LOVing Polka Dots

All decked out in J. Crew.

LOVe.  LOVe.  LOVe.  Me some polka dots.

Sweater (J Crew - None Similar Available ), T Shirt (J Crew), Jeans (J Crew), Boots (Frye)

I've been buying some cute pieces to take to Napa with me.  This polka dot tee was one I just could not wait to wear!  It might be worn out before it even makes it to wine county. 

I'm thinking about heading over to the Crew this weekend.  I need to get me a cute mommy swimsuit and they have 25% off everything.  Yeah still not sure I feel up to wearing that bikini yet.  Been working out ( much as I can) but just don't got that feeling yet.  No "I gotta feeling" for me!

Got any good recommendations on a suit you just LOVe???  Help a momma out!


  1. this is TOTALLY my kind of outfit. I don't have any rec's for you (never been to j.crew) but I do like this!

  2. That top is SO CUTE! (I'm a total sucker for polka dots!) There's something so spring-ish about it. :)


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