May 28, 2013

Our Sweet Bub is 5 Years Old!

Our sweet Bub turned 5 years old yesterday.

I cannot believe where this time has gone.  I remember holding Katie for the first time and instantly falling in LOVe.  It is amazing how you just fall right in LOVe with a child.  And no matter what they do you still and always will LOVe them.

Sometimes I watch Katie in wonder.  I LOVe watching her grow and learn.  Trying new things and getting into trouble.  And boy does she get in trouble sometimes and drive me nuts.  But I LOVe her so much and always will!  She is my sweet, Bubba Boo and so precious to me.

 Katie, I LOVe you so much and hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Here are some pictures of Bub from a few weeks ago and they so perfectly capture her.  She LOVes playing dress up and being girly!  This dress is from her Uncle and Aunt's wedding last year that she wears around the house all the time.  Notice all the permanent stains!


  1. Hi Jen, Katie is a lovely little girl and very pretty. And those photos are beautiful. really beautiful.


  2. Margaret O'BrienJune 26, 2013 at 9:08 AM

    Jen, your angel looks really cute in white dress. GOD bless your happiness!



Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!