Jun 27, 2013

Being A Mother

Our dear Annie is about to turn the big O-N-E.

What a roller coaster of a year.  It has been much different with the second baby.  I've felt a lot of different emotions.  There have been mostly great days, some OK days and rough ones between.  Lots of juggling and learning.  Trying to balance everything going on.  It really was much easier with just one.  Two is A LOT of work!

I've felt happiness but I've had nights were I just feel like I'm not doing a good job.  Nights where I've cried and gone to bed feeling like a failure.  Like I can do better as a mother.  Waking up the next morning, though, and having Annie smile at me helps make me feel like maybe I am doing something right.

I sometimes let myself get overwhelmed.  And them ashamed I feel overwhelmed.

Being a mom is hard but so rewarding.  I LOVe being able to see my girls grow up.  It is amazing watching them.  Smelling them.  LOVing them.

I LOVe watching Bub take care of Annie.  Show her things.  Kiss and hug her.  Being a big sister.

I truly LOVe my girls and would do anything for them.  I LOVe them to the moon and back!

If I could give any advice on being a mom it is to be honest.  It is OK to have those good AND bad days.  We are not perfect but do the best we can and our kids will someday appreciate that!  And stop paying attention to all those on social media that pretend they have the perfect life because you know what?  They don't.  We all have faults and it is our imperfections that make us better.  So be honest and true! 

For them.

Jun 24, 2013

What's Going On & The End of Google Reader

Hi Friends!  Happy Monday (Or blah it's only Monday)!

Hope you ALL have been doing well!  Super excited summer has finally made it's way here.  We have so many fun things planned.  I'm in the midst of getting ready for Annie's first birthday party.  It'll be a big one!  Just sent out the invitations.  I used Simply to Impress and plan on using them more.  I got a great deal as a first time customer and they did all the work for me!  I paid a little extra to have all the envelopes labeled and mailed out.  Totally worth it since I'm swamped (as always).  I'm learning that sometimes it's totally worth paying a little more to take some of the work of my plate.

You may already know but Google Reader is on it's final limb.  It's going buh bye at the end of this month. 

So, if you were a Google Reader user make sure you switch yourself over so you can keep up on your reads.  For now I switched to Feedly but plan on trying the others until I find the one I like the best. 

Here are some options to check out.


Jun 5, 2013

June 2013 Kane County Flea Market

Another show in the books.  This one started off slow but it allowed us to finish getting everything set up, staged and priced.  It really is a whirlwind getting the booth ready and until this show we are usually finishing up after the shoppers start coming through.  Which is a disaster because when you don't have things ready and priced you start just calling prices out on a whim.

It all starts Friday night, packing up the cars like we are playing Jenga.  Fitting our pieces into every nook and cranny.  Waking up early Saturday to line up with hundreds of vendors and get into the gates at 8 am.  We get four hours to set up, which sounds like a lot but boy oh boy.  It feels like much less.  We unload the cars, set up the tables and displays, unpack our items, stage and finish pricing.  I get tired just thinking about it all!

The biggest snag of the weekend was not having electricity in our booth on Saturday.  It is amazing how having lights make a huge difference and help to show off the product.  When I was stringing the lights too I had an accident and busted several out.  Big bummer.  We decided to keep them up though and good thing we did because power was working on Sunday.  Woot!

This being the sale before the fourth of July we decorated with red, white and blue.  We hung super cute vintage tissue balls.  I made American flag and sparkle USA banners.  My sister tea stained flags.

My favorite sales this weekend were our succulents, a wall hanging made from an old tea towel named "Country Fruits" by Lee Parry and tons of scrabble tiles.

The best sale was our tea/bar cart.  It went home to a nice woman who plans to set it up in her yard and said she came to the flea market looking for such a piece.  Great call to my sister!  I initially passed up the cart when out scouting for things to sell.

Our most popular item, again, were our chicken wire frames and lots of those buyers scooped up our glitter glass clips to use with them!  Every show we come with more and sell more!  LOVe it!!!

We will be back at Kane County July 6th and 7th and already hunting for and prepping more goodies to sell!  Busy bees!

Make sure to stop by our Etsy site and check out what we have for sale.

The flag and USA banners are up and were a hit for us. 

Oh and we do custom orders too.  So anything handmade you see and want tweaked let us know.  We can work out an order for you!!!  We've been getting so many from customers at the show.  Very grateful!!!