Jun 27, 2013

Being A Mother

Our dear Annie is about to turn the big O-N-E.

What a roller coaster of a year.  It has been much different with the second baby.  I've felt a lot of different emotions.  There have been mostly great days, some OK days and rough ones between.  Lots of juggling and learning.  Trying to balance everything going on.  It really was much easier with just one.  Two is A LOT of work!

I've felt happiness but I've had nights were I just feel like I'm not doing a good job.  Nights where I've cried and gone to bed feeling like a failure.  Like I can do better as a mother.  Waking up the next morning, though, and having Annie smile at me helps make me feel like maybe I am doing something right.

I sometimes let myself get overwhelmed.  And them ashamed I feel overwhelmed.

Being a mom is hard but so rewarding.  I LOVe being able to see my girls grow up.  It is amazing watching them.  Smelling them.  LOVing them.

I LOVe watching Bub take care of Annie.  Show her things.  Kiss and hug her.  Being a big sister.

I truly LOVe my girls and would do anything for them.  I LOVe them to the moon and back!

If I could give any advice on being a mom it is to be honest.  It is OK to have those good AND bad days.  We are not perfect but do the best we can and our kids will someday appreciate that!  And stop paying attention to all those on social media that pretend they have the perfect life because you know what?  They don't.  We all have faults and it is our imperfections that make us better.  So be honest and true! 

For them.

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  1. Love your honesty!! You can tell by the look on your children's face"s that you are a great mom!!
    keep it up,


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!