Oct 17, 2013

Catching Up

WOW.  It really has been a while.  Last time I said hello was in July.  Feels like yesterday.  Summer is gone.  Fall is here.  Yay!  My second fav time of the year.  LOVe the smells, colors, sweaters and hot coffee.  We've even already gone apple picking, which is what I LOVe the most about fall time.  And maybe all my Yankee Candles I burn thru...

So much to catch up on.

Annie turned one in July.  15 months now.  Getting so big and always very happy.  Walking all over the place.  Says Mama, Dada, Kona, mine, hi (more too just can't think of them all.).  LOVes to shake her heard no telling us the things she does NOT want.  Points at everything.  Already throws fits.  Eek.

Bub started kindergarten.  Yikes.  She's lost one tooth, on the verge of loosing another, and has a third and fourth loose.  Time sure flies!  They get big so fast.  Sometimes it just feels so weird touching her hands and feet and knowing how small they once were.

I've grown another year older.  No happy dance here.  I didn't mind turning 30 but the last few years not so good.  Does it get better?  Or worse?  Who knows!  Wish I enjoyed my twenties more instead of always wishing I were older.  Kicking myself now, huh...

Still busy working on shows.  That is why blogging for me has taken a back seat.  Something had to give.  I needed to focus my time on my family and getting things ready.  Two more to go before the season ends.  Kane County is November 3rd and 4th and the Three French Hens holiday show in Morris on November 15th and 16th.  If you are local please try to come out and support the end of our season!

So, what is going on with you all?  Anything new and exciting?  Look forward to being back in touch!

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  1. The girls are sooo cute!!! I feel like I haven't seen then in forever. :((( Miss you all so much!


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